The American University’s Winning Streak In Science Continues

The American University’s Winning Streak In Science Continues

The American University Washington DC achieved another accolade during the 2015 spring season for its College of Arts and Science students, claiming a number of prestigious US science fellowships and scholarships. Paula Warrick, office of merit awards director, praised the calibre of the university as well as its student’s breadth of interests. She pointed out the diversity in specialisms, from mangrove swamp conservation to volcanology. As an alumni and patron of the AU, Fahad Al Rajaan will appreciate the diversity reflected the intellectual curiosity of American University students, as well as the wide range of topics taught by the educational body.

The Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship

This year’s Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship was awarded to Tara Shreve, recognising her efforts in the fields of natural sciences, mathematics and engineering. Tara intends to put her scholarship to good use, using it to facilitate her PhD in geophysics. Ultimately, she plans to conduct international research into remote sensing techniques, as well as teaching at university level.

Michael Robinson, the AU’s Professor of Statistics and Mathematics praised Tara’s knowledge, competency and efficiency. He remarked on her high motivation and exceptional use of the scientific opportunities available to her.

Tara is an active member of the American University’s Women in Science group and Honours Programme, as well as being a member of the editing staff of the AU’s Catalyst magazine. She has also served as a research assistant with the University’s Physics Department and as a teaching assistant with the Statistics and Mathematics Department.

Tara was interned in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History’s Global Volcanism Programme. She spent her 2015 spring semester studying in France under an intensive language programme. Tara is spending the summer with the Academic Exchange Service in Germany.

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The Fulbright US Student Scholarship

The Fulbright US Student Scholarship, 2014 was awarded to Starr Brainard for her work in Business Studies and Environmental Science. The award is reserved for those deemed to promote mutual understanding between US citizens and those of other nations. Starr intends to use her scholarship to research a comparison between the productivity of conventional agricultural systems in Canada’s Alberta and permaculture agricultural systems.

Praising her sincere love of learning, Starr’s Assistant Professor of Environmental Science, Karen Knee, singled her out as one of the University’s top students. She cited her passion for the environment as well as her willingness to take both personal and intellectual risks as key factors of Starr’s success. Ms Knee praised her student’s commitment to producing quality work and unusually mature attitude, saying it would serve her well in the coming year as Starr planned a career in environmental research and landscape architecture.

The Udall Scholarship

The Udall Scholarship, which was established by the US Congress as an executive branch agency to honour 30 years’ service in the House of Representative by Morris Udall, was awarded to Anthony Torres. The Udall Scholarship recognises students who have committed themselves to careers dedicated to the environment, Native American healthcare and public tribal policy.

Anthony was one of two American University Students who received Udall Scholarships in 2015. Along with Dyani Brown, Anthony Torres was one of fifty students who received the award throughout the US.

Anthony has fulfilled a number of leadership roles throughout his studies at the American University, Washington DC. Through the SPA Leadership Programme, he has worked on several environmental justice projects as well as being an active organiser in the Fossil Free American University Divestment Campaign. Anthony was recently elected as a member of the youth delegation of SustainUS, taking parts in climate change treaty negotiations with the UN in Paris. Anthony Torres was also an inaugural participant in the Transatlantic Exchange Program at John Hopkins University’s US Contemporary Institute of German Studies.

Praising his record of both involvement and leadership in environmental projects, Joan Echols, the American University’s Associate Director, said that Anthony was both informed and articulate on energy and climate change issues and the effect they have on environmental justice.

The mission of the American University, Washington DC, is to bring about meaningful change in the world. Its highly ranked colleges, schools and internationally acclaimed facility offer students a healthy balance between class time and career-advancing work experience, both within the power hub of Washington DC and beyond. The American University prides itself on the political activity of its students – ranking as some of the most active in the whole of the US. The University promotes service and leadership amongst its students, as well as the ability to rethink challenges, both domestically and worldwide.


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