Fahad Al Rajaan

Fahad Al Rajaan has acted as the Director General of the Public Institute for Social Security in Kuwait (PIFSS) since 1984. The PIFSS is behind one of the most comprehensive and publicly beneficial welfare systems in operation in the world today, working on the foundation of sharing the revenues from oil with the citizens of Kuwait. Fahad Al Rajaan believes that the socio-economic success of Kuwait is based on oil reserves, the relatively small population, democracy, lack of debt and the constitution. The current Kuwaiti pension scheme is recognised as one of the highest in terms of benefits for people in the whole of the west.


Alongside his work at the PIFSS, Fahad Al Rajaan has held a number of senior roles within the finance industry. As Chairman of the Ahli United Bank he maintains responsibility for the largest lender by market in Bahrain and a major commercial and investment banking group. He also holds the chairmanship of Wafra Investment Advisory Group in New York, which was established primarily to invest monies from the PIFSS. Fahad Al Rajaan has been named as one of the top 500 most powerful Arabs in the world today. He holds a BA in Business Administration from American University in Washington DC.