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Hello and welcome to this blog, which has been established to explore the educational and business history of Fahad Al Rajaan.


In terms of education, the blog will focus particularly on Victoria College in Alexandria and American University in Washington DC, both attended by Fahad Al-Rajaan in preparation for what was soon to become a high flying career in finance. A variety of posts will discuss the importance of education generally as well as taking a closer look at some of the courses, programs, facilities and extra-curricular activities on offer at these establishments.


You will be able to read a history of these educational institutions, both of which boast large numbers of notable alumni. A series of profiles will feature some of these alumni and discuss the work they have gone on to do upon completion of their education. These include members of various royal families, prominent names in business and government and famous names from the artistic community such as the actor Omar Sharif.


In terms of Fahad Al Rajaan’s business history, the focus is on his work as Director General of Kuwait’s Public Institute for Social Security (PIFSS) and as Chairman of the Ahli United Bank. You can expect to find posts examining the social security, welfare and pensions system in Kuwait – one of the most comprehensive and publicly beneficial in the world. As an oil-rich nation, Kuwait’s welfare system is based on the principle of the sharing of capital and assets coming into the country from oil revenues.


Articles about the Ahli United Bank – formed from the merger of the United Bank of Kuwait and the Ahli Commercial Bank of Bahrain in May 2000 – will explore some of the investments the bank is responsible for, as well as giving an overview of how the banking group divides its services. You will also be able to read about the many awards that the bank has won over the past 15 years, and discover some of the reasons behind the strong performance of this financial institution.


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The Burgan Oil Fields

As Kuwait-born Fahad Al-Rajaan will be well aware, the Burgan field (also known as Greater Burgan) is an oil field which is situated in the south east of Kuwait. In the third part of our series, we take a look at the Burgan oil field. Greater Burgan is the biggest sandstone oil field in the world, and the second biggest oil field overall, after... read more

The Origins of Kuwait’s Oil Industry

Following on from last week’s post, we look at beginnings of the oil industry of Kuwait, a country which is believed to have the fourth largest oil reserve in the world today. Kuwait’s oil industry began in 1921, when Sheikh Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah became Kuwait’s ruler. The Sheikh was aware of prospectors’ activities in neighbouring countries, Bahrain, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, not... read more

The Kuwaiti Oil Industry

The State of Kuwait, is situated in the Middle East, an area believe to be home to some 75% of the entire world’s oil reserves. Kuwait is a major petroleum producer, refiner and exporter. Today, the country is involved in projects with several major oil companies. Kuwait is believed to have the fourth largest oil reserve in the world. Embed This Graphic On Your... read more

Pensions History in Kuwait

Kuwait began its first pension scheme in 1966 within the public sector and civil employee retirement system. The first legislation regulating pensions was enacted in 1960. These regulations covered government, military and civil employees. The state of Kuwait’s social security system was set up in 1976 in accordance with Amiri Law Decree Number 51. The Public Institution for Social Security was thereby established to... read more

The Ancient History of International Trading

International trade involves the exchange of goods, services and capital across territories and international borders. Its history is of great interest to Kuwaiti businessman and banking specialist, Fahad Al Rajaan. International trade took place throughout ancient times, including the Salt Road, Amber Road and Silk Road. The Fahad AlRajaan Flickr page features more details. The Salt Road In ancient times, salt was regarded as... read more

The American University’s Winning Streak In Science Continues

The American University Washington DC achieved another accolade during the 2015 spring season for its College of Arts and Science students, claiming a number of prestigious US science fellowships and scholarships. Paula Warrick, office of merit awards director, praised the calibre of the university as well as its student’s breadth of interests. She pointed out the diversity in specialisms, from mangrove swamp conservation to... read more

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